Mom's Sweet Bread

Amaral's Fish and Chips - 4 Redmond Street - Warren, RI 02885

For orders and information, please phone: 401-247-0675

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.


Mom's Sweet Portuguese Bread   $6.00

Mom's sweet Portuguese bread is baked in the restaurant for sale on Thursday and Friday. To insure optimal quality, attention is given to every detail of its preparation. For instance, "early bird" customers often are instructed to permit the still hot bread to cool before placing it in a plastic bag for storage.

Due to the very high demand for hundreds of loaves for holidays and our limited production, it is prudent to call or stop by to reserve an order for your preferred pick-up date a week in advance of the holiday.

The bread retains its freshness for a week when refrigerated, and may be stored for longer periods if frozen. Our customers frequently ship it across the country without any loss of quality.

In addition to serving the bread as an accompaniment to dinner, or for sandwiches or toast, it makes a fantastic French toast. Also, it is delicious dipped in herbal balsamic vinegar or herbal olive oil.




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